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Good property education is important when the property market is so fickle. It's a cut throat sector that is constantly under media scrutiny. For the uninitiated it can be scary, yet we all know it's a solid and safe way to generate wealth. That's where we come in. At AssetLab our goal is to turn the market on its head, demystify, simplify and educate as many people as possible so that everyone has the same chance.

That's why our focus is simple and clear; It’s all about YOU, our valued client. We exist to provide the highest level of results & experience-based, proven and safe, training and support to you in the New Zealand property market.

The big goal is to get you from A-Z. To get you over the finish line from wherever you are now, to the point of financial Security, and ultimately Financial Freedom where you can build a legacy to pass to future generations.

Our team are REAL property investors, with decades of experience through multiple market cycles, using multiple strategies, and are professionally trained coaches (they’re also really cool people without all the big egos). This means they can get you to where you want to be, because they do it themselves every day.

Our programs are perfect for you if you are starting out in property or an existing investor looking to improve or increase your portfolio and skills, and ultimately your financial results.


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