Students to earn NCEA credits through money education

This looks like a step in the right direction! 

I hope many schools adopt it into their curriculum's and run with it.

It’ll be sanitized to the extreme but it’s a start at least and if the kids can leave school knowing ANYTHING about money, they’ll be a hell of a long way ahead of me!

Very cool.

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High school students will now be able to gain NCEA credits by learning about money.

The Commission for Financial Capability (CFFC) has launched the new resources through the Sorted In Schools free financial capability programme on Tuesday.

The resources are aligned with unit standards and have NZQA accreditation allowing students to gain credits in level 1 and 2, and merit and excellence endorsements.

It is also available in te reo Māori for teaching in kura and Te Reo classes.

Students will learn about money management, saving, debt, goal setting, insurance, investing, KiwiSaver and retirement.

Director of learning Nick Thomson says the...

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Why Do We Love Property investment?

There is a stack of reasons why we, at AssetLab, love property as an investment vehicle so much!
In this video training Phil covers our Top 10. 

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Arn, Phil, Sally, James and Janine.

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Investor Mistakes: Not understanding the risks and downsides.

Not having a Plan B and Not understanding the risks and downsides.

By James Upton

Disclaimer: Nothing is this article is meant to constitute financial advice of any kind, and is the opinion of the author only. Seek professional advice before making any financial decision.


When I tell people that I am a property investor their response is often;


“Oh really, you must be a bit of a gambler… Bet you are hoping the market rises again soon?!”


When I hear this response time and time again, I have a little chuckle to myself.


In my opinion I could not be less of a gambler if I tried and I have strategies no matter what the market is doing, not simply being a speculator and waiting for it to increase. In all reality, my risk tolerance is very low and I have a number of exit strategies or Plan B, C and D’s for every trade property or buy and hold property I purchase.


For example, I just completed a trade in South...

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Investor Mistakes: Not understanding Counter-Cyclical Investment and FOMO/FONGO

Here's a big mistake property investors make: Not understanding Counter-Cyclical Investment and FOMO/FONGO


By Sally McCormack




When you are new to trading property, you and everyone around you is making good profits, you feel invincible!


This was how I felt leading into the biggest mistake I ever made in my property investing journey.


I started property investing in 2014 and in that first 12 months we were in a very hot Auckland market. Vendors were very realistic with selling their properties and first home buyers and investors loved to buy our renovated stock, which resulted in our sale prices increasing as well as our profits. It was like we couldn’t lose! A deal with $30,000 after GST profit would turn into $60,000 easily. It was no wonder that we didn’t see the signs of the market changing, we had dollar signs in front of our eyes.


In 2015 The Reserve Bank announced that in October of that year they would...

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