Marketing buying and selling in a Covid world: Steve Goodey

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Today I was lucky enough to have Shane Brockelbank from Professionals Real Estate on a Facebook live talking to me about how to market, buy and sell in the Covid-19 world.

I have great respect for Shane’s skills as a negotiator and agent and his insights at this stage are very timely.



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Getting Access to Money in the era of Covid-19: Steve Goody

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It sure looks like there’s going to be some changes in the property market in the next few weeks and months.

Interest rates are round 3% and looking to stay there for at least a year, the restrictions on loan to value ratios are being removed and banks have been told they can relax their lending criteria from the reserve bank.

Add to that consumer confidence levels, unemployment rates and tourism numbers at zero and you can see a lot of uncertainty and equal amounts of opportunity.

I plan to start exploring this and getting my “Ducks in a row”, first thing I need to do is get some funding so I called my mate Dave Windler to see if we can make any sense of it all.



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Investor Mistakes: Falling for snake oil salespeople - Developers, Educators, Agents

Falling for snake oil salespeople - Developers, Educators, Agents

By Phil

Disclaimer: Nothing is this article is meant to constitute financial advice of any kind, and is the opinion of the author only. Seek professional advice before making any financial decision.


Stuff-It-Up Strategy


I thought I had won Lotto.


Or at least the equivalent. I’m in my early 20’s, fired up from reading ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ and listening to Tony Robbins tapes (yes, tapes folks, my early 20’s were a while ago) and attending my first ever property investment seminar.


The presenter was no dynamo at all, but the information was exactly what I was looking for. It was the ‘how’ to go along with the ‘why and what’ of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Brilliant.


They outlined exactly how to purchase one of their specially selected ‘investment properties’, along with all of the capital growth projections, tax...

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