The most dangerous words we’re hearing out there…

If you’ve been with us a while, you have heard us say this before, but right now, today, it is worth repeating;

“When markets are booming, people think they’ll boom forever. And when markets are slumping, people think they’ll slump forever.”

Neither is true of course as history proves over and over.

Right now, we are in the euphoria stage. What we are seeing every day in the market is more than a ‘boom’…It’s mania out there. There are multitude reasons for this as we know, but one constant we keep hearing:

“’This time it’s different.”

Those words…Prevalent in any boom, are some of the most dangerous words an investor can ever mutter, or believe.

These words are rationalisation. And rationalisation is one of the signs of denial.

Denial of what? The inevitable outcome of all of this, which is that one day, sooner or later, the music WILL stop.

The difference between us, and many commentators out...

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Property Renovation Pics: Recent Project

Property Renovation Pics: Recent Project


Before // After of a recent renovation project in South Auckland. How is that for a transformation?!?

Before and After shots: What a transformation!
We love that we are able to improve properties and provide high-quality homes for home-buyers.

This renovation of a trade property has just been completed as a Joint Venture by two clients who met in the AssetLab Programme.


It is a great example of people with different attributes and resources teaming up and making property happen.


“You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with” - Jim Rohn


If you want to grow your network and be apart of an amazing community, get in touch.

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$5,500 for a full kitchen including installation for a Property renovation?

Before // After pic of an AssetLab client's recent deal!
$5500 for this amazing kitchen including installation!
Hot off the press! This property was completely transformed into a lovely home for someone, and made a great profit for our client.
Fun fact: This kitchen with engineered stone bench-top, high gloss cabinetry and soft close doors only cost $5,500 supplied and installed.
Learn how to renovate property to high standards, quickly, with great profits, and save a fortune vs what others would spend! Join us at Trading Places on the 19th October by Clicking HERE!
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