Quick Finance Market Update with David Windler

Important: Nothing in this video is financial advice of any kind. Always seek professional advice before making any financial decision.

Hear from the finance legend himself, Dave Windler, a quick snapshot of what's going on with interest rates, OCR, Swap rates, QE, Bank Appetite, and more...




To contact Dave: https://mortgagesupply.co.nz/ To book for the latest Property Traders Report ONLINE ($5 donation) go here: https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/property-traders-report-live-online-charity-fundraiser-tickets-162884426705

Important: Nothing in this video is financial advice of any kind. Always seek professional advice before making any financial decision.

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The most dangerous words we’re hearing out there…

If you’ve been with us a while, you have heard us say this before, but right now, today, it is worth repeating;

“When markets are booming, people think they’ll boom forever. And when markets are slumping, people think they’ll slump forever.”

Neither is true of course as history proves over and over.

Right now, we are in the euphoria stage. What we are seeing every day in the market is more than a ‘boom’…It’s mania out there. There are multitude reasons for this as we know, but one constant we keep hearing:

“’This time it’s different.”

Those words…Prevalent in any boom, are some of the most dangerous words an investor can ever mutter, or believe.

These words are rationalisation. And rationalisation is one of the signs of denial.

Denial of what? The inevitable outcome of all of this, which is that one day, sooner or later, the music WILL stop.

The difference between us, and many commentators out...

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Where the hell have we been?

Where the hell have we been?
... That's a good question.
We've actually had messages asking if we've given up thanks to the Government's tax changes and anti-investor sentiment, since we've been quiet online. 😄
The truth is far from it. In fact, that is pretty funny, since the changes have only made trading property MORE attractive and lucrative than ever. We have never been as busy as we are at the moment and the calibre of the deals is significant.
Which means we've been a bit quiet on the social media front. Sorry. ❤
We will aim to post more over the coming weeks, and we're pretty sure you will love to see what is happening out there!
So, here's a quick snapshot of what we're seeing;
✅Market Momentum: It's no secret that the market is still 'strong', anyone with one eye on things can see that. Prices continue to surprise us, and this has exacerbated the importance of being a market expert and staying 'on the ball'. Some...
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Not treating Property Investment as a ‘team sport’ By James Upton

Investor Mistakes: Not treating Property as a ‘team sport’


Not treating Property as a ‘team sport’ By James Upton


Before I embarked on my property journey, I was a Triathlete.


A hard-grafting sport with an inherent solo aspect to it. Early starts with nobody to motivate you to get out the door at 5am, long 6-hour rides in the rain by yourself where no one would know if you turned around prematurely and went home for a hot shower.


When I got involved in property, I simply expected it to be the same. Individual and competitive, there are only enough properties for a few people, right? Wrong! This is one of the biggest misconceptions and mistakes I made and I see others make it as well. Property is one of the largest team-sports there is and there are more than enough properties to go around.


Luckily for me I started to realise this over the course of my first year in the property game. In my...

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Article ‘What’s the Property Market Doing, and Should it Really Matter?’ by Graeme Fowler

Article ‘What’s the Property Market Doing, and Should it Really Matter?’ by Graeme Fowler written in March 2005.
Disclaimer: Nothing is this article is meant to constitute financial advice of any kind, and is the opinion of the author only. Seek professional advice before making any financial decision.
Perhaps the most common question I get asked as a property investor is ‘what do you think the market is going to do?’ I will usually answer with something like ‘I have no idea what will happen, and I really don’t care.’ A couple of months ago I was invited along to a free two hour seminar put on by one of the major banks on property investment. The guy that was speaking had one property himself which he was now selling as he thought it was a good time to sell. The rest of the time was spent going through a whole range of meaningless graphs, charts, facts and figures explaining to us all what he thought might...
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