The truth behind the $640,000 profit in Otara

 The truth behind the $640,000 profit in Otara 
Well, our client has really stirred up the chat on the news sites last week. 
We get it. On the face of it, a $640,000 gross profit in four months seems like an example of wild speculation in a market gone crazy. 
But that is not so. Our clients don't speculate. In fact, we loathe speculation. 
This client, who we'll call 'Client-J' was not reliant on the market increasing to make a substantial profit from this deal. She calculated it based on knowing the market, knowing how the pieces worked, and being able to see what others couldn't. 
The deal had its challenges too, it wasn't all plain sailing, but look at the result!
Here's the OneRoof article in case you haven't seen it: Click here 
The point is, this result was achieved because of purposeful strategy, not luck or hope. 
And look at who the three bidders were: Developers. 
That was not an accident, that is the way that Client-J constructed the deal. 
Synergy: When 1+1=5. 
Client-J knew how the synergy of these two sites worked, under a specific zoning, and what that would mean in terms of value to the end buyer. In this case a developer who will build many houses which are desperately needed right now. This is a good thing. 
We have several clients who are on track to earn high 6-figures from putting deals like this together. A couple who will earn over a million. And many more who will earn at least  6-figures+. Not through luck, or because they had lots of money to start with, or hope (speculation); but because they have learned how. 
This information is on offer at the Property Summit this year. We've never gone into detail on this stuff to the degree that we can at this Summit, since there will only be 100 people there this time (Covid caution). 
We're already over 40% booked and public advertising hasn't started yet. Compare the value of $600-$800 to learn this stuff versus just doing ONE deal. That's a serious ROI. 
You can book for the Summit here: Property Summit 2021
You will meet many of the clients doing these deals there and you can ask them anything and pick their brains. As well as hear from NZ's top trader, and professional investors, renovators, and finance experts. 
Once a deal is gone...It's gone. If you miss this, you've missed the chance to learn the skills to do deals like Client-J, and also missed deals happening in the market every day right now. 
Speculation is crazy. Sitting doing nothing...Also crazy. 
See you at the Summit!
Phil, Arn, Sally, James, Janine
Ps. Let's be frank, not everyone will go and do deals which make $640,000. But what about just ONE deal which makes $100k. Or $50k. Or even $30k! It would make a difference, no?

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